Self-care for Creative Souls No. 1 & 2

Understanding Stress and Practicing Presence and Mindfulness

No. 1: Understanding Stress kl 13-14
No. 2 Practicing presence and mindfulness kl 14-15A workshop-serie that gives creative souls tools to stay balanced in life and work. Welcome to take part of one, or all workshop. Register via link. Cost free for all creative souls.

No. 1: Understanding Stress

Stress! a word, a response, a stimulus, mental strain, emotional tension…no matter what the clinical definition is, each one of us have and will experience stress.

The devastating effects of stress on our mental, emotional and physical health have been studied for more than 50 years. What was before an automatic response developed to protect our ancient ancestors from predators and threats, might now be one of the major contributors to mental illness.

Understanding what stress is and how it affects us, as well as learning to manage it, is crucial in our “deadline” society. We will explore what happens in the body and brain when we experience stress, how our mind decides what is or isn’t stressful, what are the consequences of prolonged stress, but also the difference between different types of stress, or when stress can have positive effects.

About the workshop leader;

Karina Minda has a bachelor’s degree in Psychology and a master’s degree in Clinical Psychology and Psychological Counselling. She is a clinical psychologist and psychotherapist, certified by the College of Psychologists of Romania. Psychology has been an important part of her life for more than 8 years and her work is focused on helping people improve their life quality, well-being and mental and emotional health.

No. 2 Practicing presence and mindfulness

Science has shown that 45 % of our time, we tend to think about the past, another 45 % to worry or think about the future, which leaves us only with 10 % for enjoying and experiencing the present moment.
The question is how would we live, if we could extend the time we are living and enjoying the present moment in both work and personal circumstances? Would it reduce our stress levels?

Using meditation and mindfulness technique, we will allow ourselves to enjoy the present moment and learn how we can control our mind, instead of thinking about our past failures or future plans, live more in the present moment and reduce, prevent and manage our stress levels. During this session, we will be looking into ourselves, open our mind and heart towards our inner feelings, thoughts and emotions. We will dive deep into listening to ourselves and understanding who we really are? And what we want from work and life?

About the workshop leader:

Karolina, is a Co-founder & CEO of International Youth to Youth Initiative, co-author of a book ”A mile in our shoes: stories of our global journeys”, wellbeing trainer and speaker, meditation & mindfulness teacher.