Öresund Region: Live, Study, Work

1st Annual Conference

Have you ever wondered what the Öresund region has to offer you? Or maybe wondered what the Öresund region actual is? Then now is your chance to get an answer to these questions!

The students of the European Studies program from Malmö University would like to invite you to join the 1st annual Öresund: Live, Study, Work Conference. On this day you get the opportunity to learn more about what the Öresund region is and entails. This will be presented to you through multiple debates, where you can come and listen in on our guests discussing different Öresund related matters. You can also visit our fair and walk around speaking to different groups and organizations from both Malmö and Copenhagen.

Location: Gäddan:125
11.00-11.15: Welcome

11.15-12.00: Working in the Öresund Region – One or Two Labour Markets?

13.00-13.45: Developing the Öresund Region – the Past, Present and Future

14.00-15.00: Panel Debate: The European Union’s Role in the Öresund Region
– Emma Wiesner (Centerpartiet/ALDE, Sweden)
– Carl-Vincent Reimers (Liberalerna/ALDE, Sweden)
– Lynn Thulin (Moderaterna/ EPP, Sweden)
– David Zepernick (Radikale Venstre/ALDE, Denmark)
– Jan Kristoffersen (Alternativet/European Spring, Denmark)
– Jakob Thiemann (Socialdemokratiet/ S&D, Denmark)

Moderator is Hans-Åke Persson, Professor Emiritus in Modern European History, Roskilde University

Location: Storm
11.00-15.00: Fair – Organisations, Clubs and Associations from Copenhagen and Malmö

11.00-15.00: Exhibition of Regional Studies by the European Studies 1st year students

So add us to your calendar and hope to see you there!

The event is free and open for everyone.

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