Improvise with common sense

After Work Seminar

During our professional life, we are expected to follow the latest standards, policies, frameworks and revolutionary processes. At the same time we are expected to make use of the best tools to get better results and make our lives easier.

This is very helpful when applied effectively.

Practical experience however shows a counter side: an overload of methods, but no sense of what one has to do with it in the end.

This session is about two stories – one is about my first experience with empowering people without really knowing about the word ”empowerment”. The second is about how I apply these experiences in my professional career by improvising with common sense.

Are you ready to bring your coffee-machine-talk to the meeting room?

Jan-Willem Hordijk – Business & IT professional with broad experience,  16+ years, within IT business consultancy, business analysis, entrepreneurship and operations management in global programmes.


  • 17.30 – Meet & Greet
  • 17.45 – Presentation
  • 18.30 – Meet & Eat
  • 19.00 – Q&A